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Make a Million Challenge 004: First Sale

The 6 Fighting Fantasy books I bought for £1 sold last week on eBay for £10.99.


Fighting Fantasy eBay Listing

After eBay fees (£1.10), PayPal fees (£0.60) and postage costs (£2.80), I was left with a grand total of £6.49.

Not a bad start.


Challenge Stats

Money: £6.49

Inventory: Empty

Make a Million Challenge 003: First eBay Listing

I’ve just listed the 6 Fighting Fantasy books on eBay. I went for £10.99 with free postage. If I sell them at this price, I should be looking at a profit of about £5 once eBay fees, PayPal fees and postage costs have been deducted. I had a few free eBay listing credits on this…

Make a Million Challenge 002: Fighting Fantasy Books

I’ve spent my £1 coin! My local PDSA charity shop was having a 5 for £1 sale on children’s books, and I managed to grab a stack of Fighting Fantasy books. The manager threw in the extra book for free as I’m a regular customer, so I ended up with 6 books for £1. I…